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Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc3 days ago
Mark finished up a large scale piece with one more session left unused... You're asking yourself, "what does this even mean?" Well my friend, this means that Mark has an all day session open and available Friday June 2nd and he would absolutely LOVE to do an amazing portrait. Call or email the studio with your ideas and let's do something fun! :)
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc6 days ago
A progress shot of the phoenix back piece Mark is working on. One more session to deal with the coverup a the bottom and this one's a wrap! :)
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc1 week ago
By the way, you can also follow us on Instagram @markedstudios. If you don't have an Instagram account, this is your excuse to get one :) Have a great weekend everyone!!
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc2 weeks ago
Many of you know that we Love the spirit of giving. To top off an amazing guest artist being here already... Brit is giving you a chance to win a beautiful watercolor tattoo while she is here June 2 - 21. The piece she will be doing has a $500 value.
How do you win you ask?
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3. Wait until May 31st at 12:30pm to hear your name drawn. :)
Happy Tattooing!
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc2 weeks ago
Please welcome Brit all the way from Brooklyn! She'll be here from June 2nd until June 21st. Her colorful and abstract style is just as unique as she is. Don't miss the chance to get on her schedule. You'll need to book quickly at You can see her work and find out more about Brit here, :)

Parker Buckley

Reno Tattoo Artist

What got you interested in tattooing: When I turned 18, I didn’t have much direction… but I did have an extensive art background. Since nobody was hiring for corporate management or chairman positions in the bay area at the time, I decided to pursue a career in tattoo art, beginning with an apprenticeship at a shop in my home town. The endless possibilities of what can be created in tattoo art, and the permanence of the work inspired me to learn all I could about the coveted art and progress and evolve my contribution to it.

What are your thoughts on tattoos: Well, they are mainly for the criminal element, which is awesome. OK, so tattoo art is losing its taboo status… that is a positive direction that I believe in. As the world becomes more progressive and drops the judgments about individualism, this art will flourish even more. It is an honor to be able to adorn people with my art, and it is not something I take for granted.

What style/genre tattoo is your favorite:
I love tattoos that incorporate techniques you don’t see everyday; that dare to be different than the current trend. Since individualism is an important concept in our craft, I appreciate those ‘fringe’ tattoos that defy contemporary techniques and practices, and showcase something new. Ultimately, I appreciate all styles and the overall history of the tattoo art that brought it to where it is today.

Who or what influences your art style: I’m not too sure, there are definitely artists I have admired and looked up to, including Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, Keith Parkinson, H.R. Giger, Frank Frazetta, and many others. I do not think my work really takes after their art, but their mentality and ideas about art inspired me.

Personal thoughts: I have been a professional artist for over 10 years, and it has been quite a journey so far. Despite the time I have dedicated to my career, it has never become drab and passionless for me. I am thankful everyday I get to immortalize my art on peoples’ skin, and very optimistic about the future of my craft.