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Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc24 hours ago
Chrysanthemum glory by Mackenzie :)
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc3 days ago
Amazing piece by Parker :)
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc6 days ago
Stretching her boundaries, beautiful Kenz!
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc6 days ago
Congrats to our winners! Funniest: @mr.sweet.potato Most Likely to be True: @andyjohn Best Quote: @erinjonnel Most Creative: Alex Alcantar Best Overall: Alex Alcantar Come in anytime Tues-Sat 10-7pm to redeem your prizes! #winners #anniversary #4years #weloveyouguys Alex Alcantar Andrea Johnson
Marked Studios, Inc
Marked Studios, Inc1 week ago
Such an awesome piece by Kenny :)

Would you like to be Tattooed like a VIP?

This is your chance to win a Phenomenal Back Piece designed by one of Marked Studios amazing artists and a 4 night stay in Lake Tahoe (Valued over $15,000).

Winners Announced Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Prize

An incredible, Full Back Design that will be completed by Mark McKinnon of Marked Studios, but that is definitely not all. You and a guest will also receive round trip tickets from anywhere in the US to Reno Nevada, transportation will then be provided to beautiful Lake Tahoe. You will be our Guest at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe for a 4 night stay in your own private room, courtesy of Marked Studios. Your tattoo will be worked on during the Tahoe Tattoo Show in front of thousands of viewers.

Out of Area

You will be flown in to Reno Nevada on August 17th with a return flight on the 22nd. (Details will be worked out with you after the drawing)
In the Area: Transportation will be provided for you and a guest to and from Harrah’s Lake Tahoe where you will also enjoy a private room for 4 nights.

Artwork Description

This full Back Piece is a depiction of a beautiful yet very dangerous Siren. This is no Disney Mermaid, this piece is designed and based on old folklore of Mermaids/Sirens. They are beautiful creatures that have one mission and that is to drag their victims to the bottom of the sea. The piece is designed to fit a male or female very nicely. The variation for a male winner is that she (can) have a harpoon through her upper abdomen as if you didn’t succumb to the Siren’s call. Ladies, you can also have this option if you wish.


She is swimming and the dramatic pose is the siren rolling in the water, she is upside down on your body. The image is dark and moody with lots of coverage of dark seas. She is nude, and her upper body/breasts are bare.  The piece is very unique with lots of color and depth.